Competition for reform of the building


A. Montoya, G.Giacalone, M. Viladot




Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipal S.A.






The proposal for the new facility "La Lleialtat Santsenca" is based on the aim to create a new socio-cultural space for organizations and associations of the neighborhood  where they can consolidate the development of a leisure activities according to the values of the organization. It also considers that the new facility could become a public space and meeting place that promnotes the relationship between the social groups of Sants.

The solution adopted is intended to recover the original spirit of the building in 1928, both with respect to the location of the primary uses such on terms to its initial shape. To this end, we propose to maintain and rehabilitate the original structural elements that give character to the building (facade and metal structure and roof), releasing it from attics and superimposed back later.

Regarding distribution of functions, there is a ground floor with a public and open nature and retrieve the original height and metal structure. On the first floor is proposed to recover the essence of the old Ateneo, placing the scene in the original space and recovering the balcony. Moreover, it also maintains the location of services and vertical communications, which despite being newly built intends to place them on the old strip of the original building services.

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