New Chapel of Sant Lluc in the district of Torre Baró


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran




Archbishop of Barcelona




Work finished


Due to the growth of Torre Baró District, on the outskirts of Barcelona, and the scarcity of space in the old chapel of Sant Lluc, the Archbishop of Barcelona acquired two adjoining shops on the ground of one of the new housing blocks in order to have not only a new chapel but also yo have three new catechessis rooms, an office and related server spaces.

In order to have a unique lobby, this is placede at the end of the piece, giving both possible acces from the street and from the courtyard of the block. The rest of the program is divided into two strips so that it has the office and catechesis rooms facing the street and the liturgical space for the chapel in front of the courtyard, leaving in the middle a divisory piece that serves both the chapel and the rooms.

As elements that signify the religious space is included the completion fo a ceramic altarpiece for the presbytery made by the sculptor Lau Feliu and the design of vinyl windows representing the seven sacraments in the openings of the chapel. Giving the appropiate urban visuality, a metal cross was designed framing the main entrance and also incorporating the title of the Capella de Sant LLluc.

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