Reform of a school Oratori for the Jesuïtes-Clot education centre


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran




Comunitat Cristiana Sant Pere Claver-El Clot




In construction


It is a reform project of an existing small squared chapel in a school building which was characterized by a lack of light, the wear of materials and a certain old-fashioned aesthetic. Verbs that gave the guidelines to the project were to concentrate and direct, as a metaphor of the educational work in the centre. The concentration was achieved by curving two opposite corners, as a host of hands, so that reforces the diagonal linearity of the room pointing the orientation. At one end of the diagonal there is the acces and, on the other, there is the Tabernacle. As simbolyc elements that characterize the religious space, a new cross was designed inserted in a retrieved window and set a canopy as a new ceiling which not only improves the acoustics and light diffusion but also symbolizes the Holy Spirit in its winged form.

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