Reform of the Abbey of Riudoms


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran




Archbishop of Tarragona




Work finished


The ancient abbey, or rectory, of Riudoms is located in a remarkable site of the village, next to the church and facing the main square, but it was in poor conditions ans its distribution did not favor the development and grouth of parish activities. The ground floor had torturated and residual spaces where Caritas was fitted and the first floor was almost all of it occupied by an oversized house of the rector. The building has an L shape which envolves a small courtyard in a careless state.

The intervention consisted on streamlining customs and articulate them around the halls created from the new communications core and respecting the wall structural logic of the existing builiding. On the ground floor, controlling the entrance from teh main square of the town, the office and the paresih files were located and also an auditorium in the old hen visually connected with the interior courtyard and, on the other side, an independent acces for Caritas and parking for the rector. On the Fisrt floor, catechesisi and youth rooms, iving room and rooms for the parish council were enabled. On this floor was also created an oratorio which colud work as a meeting room separating part of the lobby, taking advantage of ventilation converted into a lighting hole in the ceiling. Finally, the construction of a second floor was done in order to place the new home of the parish priest and a multipurpose room.

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