Reform of the Clínica Tres Torres First Floor


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot




Clínica Tres Torres




Work finished


The intervention of this project is due to a dual requirement. On the one hand, to update spaces and facilities of the building which are practically as they were in the beginnig. On the other hand, the most important, to place it at the head of the medical and health care field through new services and facilities.

The program requested is to get more space for doctors' offices and a new hospitalizing ward. The latter should have a part intended for a daily hospital and another for patients who need more exhaustive treatments. These two differents uses are situated in the intervention according to their acoustic and lighting requirements and also to ease the trains. Thus, the front facing Doctor Roux street, more noisy and crowded, would be destined to the offices zone while the opposite area, much quieter, would be the new ward.

The previous great corridor is now almost disintegrated: in the offices area, the space is expanded to generate a luminous waiting room serving five surgeries.

Another disticntive part of the program, the daily hospital and monitoring area, is located on the opposite side of the building, with constant lighting conditions and noise levels, which are lowers than in the facade overlooking the street.

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