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One of the most important premises when the project began was that the house had to enter into dialogue and integrate the most with the environment. Not only the use of materials: natural stone, wood and glass; but volumetrically, with steep terrain has ensured that at no time the three plants that make up the building volume were perceived and articulat a volumetric system enhanced with sloping roofs and porches.

Once we get inside the house it wants to be easy, convenient, rational, in which you can use the most of the surface that is available and enjoy the view that the environment offers.

In one of the turning points of the volume, linked directly to the main lobby, the stairs which will conect the three plants are placed. On the first floor are three secundary bedrooms with direct views of the era. On the lower level the more enterteinment program allows us to access the lower part of the garden without leaving the house.

The most singular places are on the ground floor. Wide areas but with adequate measures to be welcoming can be found and constructive elements, trusses, strengthen and unify the living room which becomes an observatory to the nature and its changes: both the south and west.

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