Religated_An ephemeral chapel


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran








Conceptual proposal


This project was part of the internal competition of the Third International Congress of Religious Contemprary Architecture held in Seville on 14 and 15 November 2013, being highly appreciated by its participants.

"Religated". The therm "religion" comes from the Latin "re-ligare" which means creating bonds of communion. From the etymological meaning of the word and the call of Jesus to his first disciples (Mt 4,19), we propose a catholic place of worship and prayer formally recognizable with an overwhelming gesture inspired on the "Ichtus" (the fish, symbol of the early Christians).

Constructively, the materials for this space were inspired by the image of the fisherman: a wooden platform that acts as a base (the boat) and a curved envelope created by two layers of metal net (the nets), supported by sticks.

The intervention, thanks to its flexible morphology, allows a dual use: a space gathered inside, so that we are surrounded by this metal net in a space where people can stay, see, feel, pray. Outside, however, a space that opens and is able to host celebrations of greater capacity is generated. An easy access, with double entry, is a subtle transition from the urban enviroment reinforced by the presence of the cross.

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