Reform of the parish church of Sant Joan Baptista


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran




Archbishop of Tarragona




Work finished


The parish church of Sant Joan Baptista de Reus is an unfinished neogothic work projected by the modernist architect Pere Caselles started at the beginning of the twentieth century and interrupted by the Spanish Civil War.

The original project was only the section of the nave and aisles. In 1991 the architects Pau Pérez and Rafael Bertran did a second project that enveloped the gothic temple with a new cloister and a new parish building. From this second operation was only carried out the first phase, which consisted of a block between the temple and the end of the plot. This block was arranged perpendicularly so that the main vision of the ship towards the presbytery ended with a large concrete wall illuminated by stained glass sides.

The order that we received had two fronts of intervention: restoring the temple and find a solution for the apophatic silence of the presbytery. Regarding the presbytery it was decided to create an altarpiece to cover hole wall, emphasizing the vertical Gothic nave vision, focusing the vision on the altar and approaching the piece of Sant Joan Baptista to the parishioners. The figurative representation was made by Josep Minguell, specialist in mural painting and the chosen theme were scenes from the life of saint.

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