Reform of Sant Ignasi de Loiola Chapel


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran


C/Roger de Llúria, Barcelona


Companyia de Jesús




Work finished


The current Chapel of St. Ignasi of the priest residence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Company has a markedly linear plant and a certain state of neglect. The commission looks for a new design to become healtier and more attractive and participatory space.

As a leitmotif, the project takes the quadripartite structure of the masterpiece of St. Ignasi, the Spiritual Exercises. The four-week S.E. are developed linearly along the way as strips ​​that run through one of the side walls and the roof transforming the space into a neutral mystagogical catechesis. The first part has a lower ceiling that serves as an acces to the other three, with a higher ceiling in order to receive light from the high windows of the opposite wall. Under these windows will have an horizontal panel with the Via Crucis, which is curved at one end to hide a secondary access and hold the use of the sacristy. The new sanctuary is located on the panel of the third week, the contemplation of Christ's passion, resulting in a meeting disposition. In the extremes of the room images of  the "Contemplation of the Principle and Foundation" and the "Contemplation for Achieving Love” are placed.

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