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The aim of this operation was to rethink an appartment which occupied an entire plant with an inefficient distribution, in a prime location in the city, well-ventilated and sunny through the facade facing the Pelayo street and overlooking the tranquil interior block courtyard.

The reconsideration passed in the segregation of the existing house by creating two new ones, improving access to each home and taking advantage of the facilities and ventilation patios placed in the center of the plant.

The result included a first operation to close access to the original house (it was open to one of the landings of the staircase) and open a dealer access in front of the existing lift, so that both new acces areas were defined: the one facing Pelayo street and the other oriented to the courtyard of the block. At the center of the dividing wall opposite where the elevator and the services patio are placed, there is the ventilation patio around which server spaces are developed. Instead, on the facade, the rooms that must have natural ventilation and lighting are located.

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