Competition for the rehabilitation of downtown La Garriga


M. Gallego, G.Giacalone, M. Viladot


La Garriga, Barcelona


Ajuntament de La Garriga




Restricted Competition_Finalist


The aim of this proposal is to provide a single image for the center, assuming the morphological, functional and social requirements of each space: the squares, streets and corners. Two types of flooring, two colors and different ways of working them. So that invested priority areas, when they are only spaces for pedestrians, recover the image of the squares and the area around the church.

The feast day of Corpus Christi is very significant for the people in La Garriga. We want to pay homage to this day, with the evocation of these flowers that become a reference.

The Church Square is thought as an isotropic and minimum space. The three flowers in front of the City Hall will shape the space, while a luminous trail, subtle and insinuated, will lead and frame the entrance to the Church of St. Stephen. Becoming the limit with the traffic area there are collective planters for the big hackberry tree that will provide shade for benches and chairs, so that establish a dialogue with the bench, on the opposite side of the square.

Can Dachs Square, behind the facade of City Hall, a space is treated as domestic in nature, closely linked to the commerce of Main Street and the Baths and aimed at a more informal activities than the Church Square. Stands which may act as some informal banks resolve the drop with Samalús Street, giving continuity to the space up to the street level. In the center of the square, a small stage with a metallic shed is built with vegetation as a backdrop.

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