Competition Promotion Housing Our Lady of the Angels




G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, A. Stakic


Vallecas, Madrid








The volume consists of a ground floor, eight floors and attic - these last nine levels are occupied by apartments - respecting the planning parameters defined in the Special Plan for Environmental Improvement: Colonias de San Francisco and Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles in Vallecas, Madrid.

Ground floor. Pedestrian access to the building is through a covered space on the ground floor, where are two cores with elevators and stairs (one leading to the underground plants and another to appartment plants). Around these are the areas for commercial premises. These two pedestals that free space, promote transparency and enhance the visual on the center and the two sides of the building to the green space defined in the planning. The treatment of color and texture of the cores enhances the value of large vertical arteries, which with the stripes along with the openings of the houses, gives the building a recognizable image from teh pedestrian space resembling a road code bars.

Housing. There are a total of 67 one-bedroom and 45 two-bedroom flats. The distribution of these is performed as follows: eight standard floors are six two-bedrooms and seven one-bedroom apartments. In the attic there are the 8 one-bedroom homes remaining. The volume is structured by a central spine connected to the two vertical communication cores, which serves as the distributor. Adjacent to this space, there are the server sapces of each house that do not require contact with the outside: the bathroom, hallway and storage area. The other rooms of the house, which must meet the requirements of habitability, ventilation and natural lighting have openings in front.

Below ground. The project involves four basement floors to locate the program areas that do not require parameters of habitability. The first floor is devoted to storage and installation facilities and the other three for 114 parking spaces. Access to the parking plants is made from Calle Martínez de la Riva, making the stripe of 3 meters for plan regulation to place two ramps, of single direction each.

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