Competition Centre Socio-Cultural and planning in Jesús




G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, A. Stakic


Santa Eulària des Riu


City Hall of Santa Eulària des Riu






The aim of this proposal is to provide a single imageof the center, assuming the morphological, functional and social requirements in each space: the system of open spaces and the building that will house the Socio-Cultural Centre of Jesus.

This single image we want to achieve must be compatible with both the versatility of spaces for different occasions and must have the ability to be adapted to all ages range of the population who will enjoy the center. That is why one of the values ​​that characterize this proposal is the minimalism in facade materials, flooring, colors (white, gray and green vegetation that is reflected in the glazed surfaces).

This simplicity gains strength when goes beyond the building and is installed the outside. Two flooring formats, two shades of gray and different ways of working them. So that invested priority areas, when they are only spaces for pedestrians, recover the image of the squares surrounding CSCJ. Thus, within and outside the group we have the same image, where the vegetation was filtering, blending and blurring the limits of materiality and construction elements.

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