Reform of Pentecosta's chapel at Casal Loiola


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, A. Cadenas (disseny gràfic)


C/Balmes, 138 Barcelona


Casal Loiola




Work finished


The assignment of this chapel in Casa Loiola was proposed for the need to transform a cold and impersonal place to have a comfortable space that invites young people's meditation, reflection and prayer. Moreover, this room has to flexible in order to celebrate a Mass or to make prayers, a projection or a small meeting.

The proposed intervention in this room is of great simplicity and economy of resources. It redefines the geometry of the room by eliminating the Sacristy, which was in on of the corners, and the ireegularities appeared along de perimeter and transforming them into architectural elements. A large bench that runs a quarter of the chapel is the only fixed seat there. On the side wall, opposite to the bench, a battery of four double door closets become the new Sacristy. This piecve of furniture that contains liturgy elements, instruments, songbooks, plegable chairs, pillows... is conceaked by the eight gates along with four other false which give us the opportunity to create an altarpiece of the 12 Apostoles. 

The front which should hold the attention of young people is functionally turned 90 degrees: a white wall with an inscribed cross and, in one of its arms, hangs the Tabernacle.

A large cloth is hold from the ceiling comforming the space as well as becomes a diffuser for the diferrent lighting alternatives and also contributing to the non-definition of a real top limit over the user's heads.

The rest of the materials used are a laminated floor, warm during winter and fresh at summer, painted plasterboard and DM.

The only furniture to seat are little pufs and a little altar that allow their mobility and a free collocation arround the chapel.

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