Previous Estudies for a Reform of the Youth Hostel Pare Manyanet


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran








Previous Study


The Youth Hostel Josep Manyanet was inaugurated in March 1985. After several years of irregular operation, it’s management was entrusted to the Pere Tarrés Foundation who handles these previous studies for a reform of the whole facilities.
This intervention, having made a visual technical inspection of the state of the building, becomes aware of the current shortcomings and proposes diferent necessary actions for the building to provide adequate social services to its users, who basically are children and youth in vulnerability situations.
The complet intervention is divided in different areas and stages in order to focus on them according to the urgency of each part: reform of the dining room and multipurpose room, conditioning of common rooms, double rooms on the first floor, reorganization of floor rooms, services and surround outside.
An economic impact and an estimated budget is attached to each stage.

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