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The aim of this intervention is to carry out the reconstruction and rehabilitation of an old building to meet client needs of having a home with the minimum provisions for resting periods. The key ideas of the project were as follows:

Preservation of the streetscape. It retains the facade to the street and existing lateral walls of the old house, understanding that these are part of the collective imageof the village and are a historical and cultural heritage.

Organization around a facilities strip. Implementing a lateral blocks where to place the stairs, the services core of the first floor and ground floor storage in a strategic position allows a clear reading of the space organization. Confronted with this service core is located, on the other medianer, the strip of ground floor which contains the kitchen and, on the first floor storage space with chimney which emphasizes the two large central spaces left on both floors with wide openings to the main facade principal and, in the case of the first floor bedroom, to the back yard.

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