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The house of 64 sqm, located in the Gothic District of Barcelona, in its original state consisted of small spaces that crushed the surface and hindered the arrival of light and air from the main facade and the two courtyards.

The intervention focuses on one side in modifying the distribution in order to adapt the space to the new needs as sporadic apartment of a marriage with independent children. The other, in the search for mechanisms to provide housing for a new space and light sensation, generating a sequence of major open spaces: living-dining room, hall-storage, study, bedroom. Service spaces, kitchen and bathrooms, are located in the inner parts of the house.

The intervention has recovered the original elements through a rereading able to provide a new character to the aparment. The ceiling panels were removed leaving the beams in sight, gaining width, depth and rythm. Hydraulic mosaics have been preserved turned into "carpets" in dialogue with wooden floors adapting to changes in distribution. Finally, the generally used white color contrasts with the chromatic of the mosaics gaining all the attention.

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