Intervention inside Santa Madrona's Church


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, E. Aran




Parish of Santa Madrona




Work finished


FAD Awards 2015 finalist


The aim of the reform of the church of Santa Madrona is to adapt the liturgical space depending on the flow, participation and character of the religious celebration, as well as adapting the space to incorporate complementary activities with the main use of sacred space.

The intervention has four key points that articulate the project: the technical platform, the mobile box, the lighting system and a new technological canopy.

By the definition of the central space of the temple, you get a visual separation and a lighted step that cuts the new intervention on the of existing backdrop, damaged by the repairing work and the many years passed. This floor is tended along the main and the transverse aisles and colonize part of the previous steps of the chancel with a harrow. The warmth of the wood helps to create a meditation space but also supports any alternative use.

The box is the element that allows to multiply the use of interior space. A mobile cabinet distributes platform according to the needs of the moment. Allows a traditional liturgical celebration with the box at the bottom of the temple, or two separate acts on each side of the box when is located at the intersection of the main and transversal aisles. Can act as an office, reception point or store information and each position allows the connection of the facilities needed.

The lighting system has been completely renovated with particular interest in brighten the renovated spaces. The existing building remains in a soft darkness until a new reform can be applied to the other architectural elements. The old existing lamps have been disconnected and left in its original position.

The new canopy is positioned under the thirty meters high dome focusing the new location of the altar. It is a technological element that incorporates speakers and lighting. Under this innovative canopy the daily activity of the temple improves in benefits and quality.

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