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The project involves a total reform of an apartment in one of the upper floors of a listed building of the Eixample. It was separated from the original structure and consists of 84m2, maintaining the use of the differents pieces but with an altered morphology of the corridor.

The intervention focuses on changing the distribution in order to adapt it to the new needs of a person living alone, equiping it with mechanisms capable of giving a new space and light sensation.

The first operation involves maintaining the structure of the apartment to keep much of the ceilings and floors of small hydraulic pieces that form a mosaic. The remaining spaces are modified getting the effect to look like it has always been like it is now.

One of the key areas is the long interior corridor characteristic of the Eixample, wide and bright. It becomes the main access to service spaces and both bedrooms and at the same time serves as storage space and exposure sapce. The other main point of the project are the spaces of the kitchen, a living room with a gallery that hosts the dining room and reading area.

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