T113 Arquitectura is an architectural firm that was founded in 2008 in Barcelona as a result of the collaboration of architects Giacalone Giuseppe and Maria del Mar Marcos.

In 2011 the architect and theologian Eloi Aran Sala joined the team responsible for the project.

Since its inception, the scope of the projects prepared by the office, is aimed at drafting and implementation of rehabilitation works in both public and private buildings and new housing buildings. The practice also includes drafting competitions projects of different scales.

The workshop operates as a laboratory where research is an important part of the design process. As part of the training, the various members of the study are involved in specialization courses aimed at improving the professional profile such as rehabilitation, construction technology, hotel architecture, heritage and bioclimatic architecture.

Projective solutions adopted are always aimed at improving user comfort solving the project with a critical reading of the building in which action or interpretation of the environment in case of new construction. An architecture that promotes continuity with tradition and the environment and committed to the environment.

The firm is organized around the project involving different members of the team to bring all their ideas in order to get the best result technical and formal, paying the utmost attention to cost control during the process.

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