Competition Basque Culinary Center




G.Giacalone, M. Viladot, A. Stakic


Miramon, Guipúscoa


Basque Culinary Center Fundazioa






The Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and Centre for Research and Innovation in Gastronomic Sciences -BASQUE CULINARY CENTER- is located in a privileged environment: leaving behind a low density residential area and settling on the slope, he began a dialogue with environment. From the moment the user or visitor gets to the center, they understand a space that seeks to the views of the Miramon Park from the inside, to fuse and confuse through its outer skin with nature. A building which is recognizable from the outside and at the same time environmentally respectful from access to higher views from the park.

The building opens its access point and welcomes visitors through the square outside, leading to the agora inside the hall where the view of a roof garden is fitted, slender chimneies, trees and the park. This is the point where the hall, exhibition space, the bar and the main dining room melt together. Will be through corridors and naturally lighted spaces that reach to more functional and internal uses.

Two comunication cores will lead to the two lower floors. These two levels, which were conforming to the topography and open up the landscape, will be the main area of ​​teaching, systematized with its own variants. The little finger, destined for singular parts will feature the library and laboratories. To meet the demands of training and research field, the different pieces wil be placed depending on the quality of lighting required and the proximity to public access. We understand the building as a metaphor of a hand: which works, manipulates, transforms, ... The hand that opens and hosts.

We wanted also that people could easily identify with the center not only for its use, but also by its appearance. Through this reflective glass and ceramic skin during the day the building blends with the environment, moving the Cantabrian light inside and in the evening, these cuts mark horizontal light lines which become visible from remoteness.

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