Competition Espai de Dansa. Les Fàbriques de la Creació


G.Giacalone, M. Viladot


Antiga Fàbrica Philips, Barcelona


ICUB. Institut de Cultura de Barcelona




Resricted Competition_Finalist


Within the program of the “Les Fàbriques de la Creació”, the old Philips barn will become the new Dance Space. We propose an interior restructuration to make it a truly versatile equipment, comfortable, attractive and practical for creating, adapting it to the current requirements. Moreover, the operation is fully respectful of the outside image of the building: doing only superficial cleaning and placing a ramp space as an object. The strong exterior presence, marked by a powerful inner section pushes us to take the first steps to make this space, as yet recognized but industrialized, an habitable one.

The building is developed on two levels: the organization of different areas recognizes their qualities and their need of symbiosis with foreign and different interiors.

The ground floor has a public nature of openness and service. Glazing, clarity, transparency; this socket from the street acts as a showcase: it shows to the Citys what takes place inside. Here is the reception and exhibition space.

The mezzanine has a more private nature. It is organized into two tracks: first dance spaces: two double rooms M and L. On the other hand servant spaces: resting and community area, multipurpose space (from heat-minds to places where create clothes or do makeup tests) and other services.

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